Organic Energy Blog

Jun 5 2015
Environmental issues front and centre today

Today is World Environment Day, as designated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

It’s a chance for people all over the world to jointly take stock of what we’re doing to the planet that sustains us.

At Organic Energy, we’re at the heart of the movement to change the demand for those core human needs of heat and power over to sustainable sources, like wood pellet fuel from sustainable forests. But not everyone has the time or inclination in their busy lives to dwell for long on the big issues.

Today there will be widespread coverage of the environment, supported by events and the release of information that has been timed to give the day its maximum possible impact – helping the topic to take its place in the global news output.

In a way it’s a shame that such effort has to go into turning people’s heads on one day of the year instead of it being at the top of everyone’s agenda all the time. What we can say is that anyone who has invested in renewable heating is already playing their part and we salute every one of them.

So whether you’re someone who’s pondering turning to renewable energy sources for your home or business, someone who has already done so or someone who’s just, for now, examining the options, what better time than World Environment Day for us to invite you to share your favourite views of the world around us?

We’d love to see the images of our natural world that you’ve captured on camera and we’ll reward our favourite contribution with a £100 voucher to spend at specialist photography retailer, Jessops.

Just send us your favourite green scene – something that captures our natural world in all its glory, it’s magnificent detail or at its most furious and powerful. We can’t wait to see and share them!

This year’s theme for World Environment Day is “Seven Billion Dreams”. You can see what dreams people are sharing here – and maybe even add your own on social media with the hashtag #7BillionDreams.