Solar Thermal provides a free source of energy. Solar water heating is great for the environment - and your pocket!

With an unlimited supply of natural radiation, you can depend on solar thermal energy to give you a higher level of independence and security of supply than most other energy sources. Better still, once installed, there are minimal running costs and your system may also qualify for the UK Government's RHI incentive scheme.


Combining a solar thermal hot water system with your wood pellet boiler makes perfect sense. This can provide a significant proportion of your hot water requirements whilst reducing your fuel consumption.

Our solar thermal collectors, otherwise know as solar panels, are available as in-roof or on-roof systems.

Integrate your solar thermal panel system with our Pellaqua combination tanks to optimise efficiency.

Why use Solar Thermal?


Make the most effective use of the sun’s free energy and enjoy savings on your heating costs.


Our Pellaqua tank brings together your boiler solar thermal, PV,  pump sets, and controller into a single solution, potentially saving you money.


The Pellematic Touch Controller will integrate your boiler and solar thermal system improving ease of operation.

A solar thermal heating panel


1. Solar safety glass

2. Selective absorber

3. Absorber pipes

4. Insulation

5. Panel backing

6. Aluminium frame

Integrate your system


By integrating your system you are saving energy and reducing your installation costs as the Pellaqua tank combines several services and benefits

  • Increases the efficiency of the heating system
  • Balances out differences between energy generation and energy consumption
  • Increases the annual output of the heating system
  • Saves heating costs by improving fuel usage
  • Ensures a long pellet boiler service life

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