The Pellematic Smart XS is the 4 in 1 Condensing Combi wood pellet boiler in the ÖkoFEN range

The Pellematic Smart XS combines heating, domestic hot water and solar inputs, eliminating the need for a domestic hot water cylinder. It's compact, requiring less than 1m2 of floor space and is up to 15% more efficient than a conventional Pellematic boiler.

The Ökofen Pellematic Smart XS Boiler

The revolutionary Condens condensing technology in a powerful, ultra-compact, all-in-one central heating system. Highly efficient pellet heating technology has been united intelligently with all the necessary heating functions in only 0.9 m² of floorspace. Up to 15% more efficiency with Condens condensing technology

Technical Information
Thermal output range: 10-18kW
Efficiency: 99.5%
Dimensions (mm): w1040 x h1820 x d850

The technical refinements in detail

1. System release valve
2. Pump set
3. Domestic hot water
4. Touch screen (Pelletronic)
5. Day hopper
6. Pressure sensor
7. Burner assembly
8. Ash box
9. Solar heat exchanger
10. Segmented burner plate
11. Electronic ignition
12. Stainless steel heat exchanger
13. Automatic heat exchanger cleaning
14. Buffer and domestic hot water tank
15. Flame temperature sensor
16. Insulation jacket

Condensing Combi boiler technology

4 in 1 Heating systems

ecc: efficient combustion control

Condens condensing technology

Clever design


Space saving and compact

More features and options for the Pellematic Smart XS boiler

Pelletronic Touch

The Pellematic Touch can be accessed online from either a smart phone or tablet.

Integrate Solar Thermal

Complement your system with solar thermal panels and a Pellaqua tank.

Wood Pellet Storage and Delivery

Wood pellets are automatically fed to the boiler from a Flexilo tank or wood pellet storage room.

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