Wood Pellet boilers

The heating systems of the future

ÖkoFEN Wood Pellet Boilers

Many energy industry experts believe that wood pellet boilers, also known as biomass boilers, are the heating systems of the future. In Europe, where this technology has been adopted more quickly, an increasing number of residential, municipal and commercial buildings are being installed with wood pellet boilers.

Organic Energy was the first company in the UK to recognise the potential of a fully automatic wood pellet commercial and domestic ‘biomass’ boiler system.

Our wood pellet heating systems are designed and manufactured by ÖkoFEN, one of Europe's leading suppliers of commercial and domestic biomass boilers, who introduced the technology into Europe in 1994. ÖkoFEN are our perfect partner, sharing as they do our vision of providing sustainable heating solutions through the latest hi-tech quality products.

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ÖkoFEN wood pellet boilers gallery

Wood Pellet Boilers can be hand-filled if required Pellematic Plus wood pellet boiler Pellematic wood pellet boiler combustions chamber
Pellematic wood pellet boilers can be linked for greater output Pellematic Smart Wood Pellet Boiler The advanced Pellematic Controller - can be controlled remotely
Pellematic wood pellet boiler The Pellematic boiler wood pellet burner plate Ash is cleanly and easily removed from the wood pellet boilers
The Pellematic boiler controls A larger scale Pellematic boiler installation Pellaqua Combination Tank - the ideal partner for Pellematic boilers